No Code + Miami

A Global NoCode Hackathon, Born In The 305

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This Is A Paradigm Shift

NoCode has taken the world by storm and it has only begun. #NoCodeHacking is focusing on how to go from 0 to 1 with No Code technology. Statistics show that development time is cut by 90% due to No Code technology. Saves time, saves money and saves people from thinking they can't build. We can change the narrative because of No Code! Let's build, together.


A Global Effort

Our schedule, workshops, panels, and speakers will be announced soon but what we can share is that we are doing an in-person event at Miami Dade via the BIT Center and more. After the IRL event, all programming will be available online right here and #NoCodeHacking is launching a worldwide hackathon with a cash prize! 

Day I - Discovery

From the public to participants in the hackathon, everyone is invited to join our opening ceremony as we kick off #NoCodeHacking with educational sessions throughout the day of discovery.

Day II - Activation

We will apply what we have learned with micro-workshops for the public which will show the power and swiftness of No Code development to anyone willing to try, whether a newbie or expert! This is the time to take a leap of faith through the guided efforts of experts of various NoCode tools.

Day III - Launch

Our final day is where we explore the projects built during our time and award the best projects with a cash prize and promotion through the communication channels of Miami Dade College. That's thousands upon thousands! 

NoCode is a game changer for every person interested in technology. From Web3 to SaaS, anyone can build an application without having deeply technical knowledge.

Christopher Perceptions


It's the perfect blend between the present and future. NoCode makes everything easier.

Sergio Gongora


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